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Partnering Inclusive Solutions


Prolific Coal Consortium LLP stands for providing comprehensive services in spheres of projects and operations management. It is backed by notable expertise and impressive career long experience of Team Prolific which includes project development and implementation, mining and beneficiation, periodical introduction of advanced technology led plant optimization measures along with betterments in operations, maintenance care and infrastructural requirements, responding to sustainable and competitive standing.


Prolific specializes in services as Consultants/ Advisors/ Owner’s/Independent Engineers/ Arbitrators and Execution managers in mining to customer service related areas.

The Forward Look

Prolific believes in joining hands with customers and forming a professional wing, aiming for a world class solution to enable value additions.

Prolific strives for continued analysis, adopting strategy for advancement as an essentiality to respond to all time requirements, aiming to reduce costs and optimizing productions.

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